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Graduate Course Repeat Option (CABINET)
Posthumous Degree Policy (CABINET)
Restricting University Services for Non-Registered Students (CABINET)


Allocation of Secretary II Titles (CABINET)
Fleet, Res. Life and Athletic Vehicle Usage (pending) (CABINET)
Fredonia Food Service Policy (CABINET)
Lost or Abandoned Property (CABINET)


Campus Vending Policy - Credit Card Vendors (CABINET)
Fredonia Fee Waiver Policy (CABINET)
Payroll Deduction for the Collection of Parking Fines (CABINET)
Personal Mileage Reimbursement (CABINET)


HARP (Handbook on Appointment, Reappointment, and Promotion)
Sabbatical Policy and Sabbatical Leave Request form (CABINET)
Recruitment Policy (CABINET)

Safety & Security

Burning of Candles in Buildings On Campus (CABINET)
Campus Life Policy for Large Performance Events (CABINET)
Identity Theft Prevention Program (CABINET)
Keys and Campus Access Control Policy (CABINET)
Security Camera Policy
Skateboarding on Campus

Student Life

Greek Recruitment
Student Association Financial Policies and Procedures


Computer Administrative Privileges Policy
Information Management and Cyber Security Policy
Acceptable Usage Policy


Alcohol & Controlled Substances in the Workplace
Children in the Workplace
Fredonia Cell Phone Policy
Fredonia Desk Telephone Policy
Non-discrimination Policy
Pets/Animals in the Workplace
Tobacco-Free Policy