Assistance with Disabilities

Academic Policy and Procedures with Regard to Students with Disabilities


NCAA Division III Financial Aid Guidelines
NCAA Division III Recruiting/Communication Policies
Rental Procedure Policy
Student Athlete Handbook

Career Development

Career Development Office Privacy Policy
Employer Recruiting Policy
Internship Handbook
Virtual Internship Policy


Counseling Center Standards of Care/Policies and Procedures

Health & Wellness

Absence Verification (Excuse) Policy

Residence Life

Residence Life Handbook

Student Association

Student Association Constitution and Statutes
Student Association Financial Policies and Procedures

Student Life

Candle Policy Addendum (Student Life)
Cash Prize Policy
Lost and Found
Large Performance Events Policy
Posting Policies
Student Employment Policies
Student Organization Fundraising Policy (EDITS NEEDED FROM STUDENT LIFE)
Third Party Organizations Policy
University Services Restrictions for Non-Registered Students Policy

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Conduct and Community Standards of Behavior General Policy
Statement of Jurisdiction

Specific Standards of Behavior (Code of Conduct)