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Document TitleRequirements for a Second Baccalaureate Degree
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  1. Some students will complete two major programs, but in most cases will only earn one degree. Fredonia students wishing to earn two separate degrees concurrently must complete a minimum of 150 semester hours and complete the requirements for the two degrees during the semester in which they have applied for graduation. The two degrees may not be of the same type as registered by the New York State Education Department. For example: a B.A. and a B.S. would be appropriate, but two B.A. degrees would not, as the latter can be accomplished in the declaration of a second major.
  2. Fredonia graduates seeking an additional bachelor’s degree after conferral of the first degree must take a minimum of 30 semester hours at the university and must successfully complete the requirements of their additional major or program.
  3. New students seeking an additional bachelor’s degree must take a minimum of 45 semester hours at Fredonia, to meet the residency requirement, and must successfully complete the requirements of their additional major or program.
  4. A minimum of 15 credit hours must be successfully completed in the discipline of the second degree program. Of these 15 credit hours, no more than 3 credit hours may be taken as an independent study or internship. The department chairperson of the proposed degree program will prepare a written contract outlining the required courses, prior to admission to the program.
  5. The student must have a minimum cumulative quality point average of 2.00 in all courses required for the second degree and in courses required for the second major or program. Students should see the department sections for any variation from this requirement.
  6. Students must meet all their financial obligations to the university and any or all of its supporting agencies.
  7. A student who expects to graduate at a given date must make application through the Registrar’s office, not later than the third full week of classes of the final semester of attendance.

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